Jelqing Guide
Everything You need to know about Jelqing!

Jelqing is gaining popularity over time for its effectiveness. Jelqing is natural proven method for penis enlargement. There is much debate regarding origination of jelqing exercises, most of the sources says its from middle-east tribes. Jelq exercises are very easy to do. To gain maximum results from jelqing you need to understand the jelqing technique perfectly. Following a trusted program backed with medical endorsement is essential to gain most from it.

Here are top three myths regarding jelqing exercises

1. Jelqing is 100% safe: No. Jelqing can cause severe damage if you are following untrusted source and haven’t familiar what you are doing. Always start jelq exercises after learning and understanding proper technique.

2. Jelqing increases only length and makes penis thinner: Main motive to perform jelqing is to increase the length but you can also gain girth and erection quality by learning other techniques. Basic jelq exercises can further spiced up to achieve specific results.

3. Jelqing can cause Erectile dysfunction: Jelqing exercises increases blood supply to penis. These exercises actually increases blood holding capacity of the penis. When I searched for erectile dysfunction caused by jelqing, I landed up at the page telling  a story of a guy who suffered ED by Doing WRONG JELQ exercises which he acquired from a free forum.

Penis enlargement with jelqing exercises can be fun and rewarding if you are following a correct path.


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